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January 12, 2011

The Bootleg is pleased to make available on a world-wide exclusive basis the remarkable contents of a personal support letter young Justin Muchnick reportedly handed to Stanford star quarterback Andrew Luck on 1-02-11 at the Fontainebleu donut shop. In this instant classic pièce de corréspondence, our man Justin crafts his compelling case as to why #12 should remain at Stanford for one more year.

Dear Andrew,

Normally, when a college football phenom is the main contender for the number one NFL draft pick and a multimillion dollar signing bonus, it seems as though the obvious choice is to enter the draft, not stay at college for one more year. But for you, a true student-athlete, your choice is much less obvious than most think. Not only are you a great quarterback, you are a great quarterback at one of the most prestigious universities in the country that happens to be ranked number four in the BCS poll. Staying at Stanford for one more year would benefit you much more than some might realize.

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