Petersons Author Awards Boarding School Students Scholarships

Two Students Receive $1,000 Scholarships for their Submissions to Scholarship Contest

Phillips Academy Andover student Justin Muchnick, author of The Boarding School Survival Guide, awarded $1,000 scholarships on Friday, July 17 to two students who applied for his boarding school scholarship contest.

Muchnick has learned from experience that attending boarding school is not only a privilege, but also a financial burden on many families with children seeking a residential academic high school. Muchnick says, “Not only is boarding school tuition comparable to attending a private college, but factor in travel expenses, hotels, car rentals, books, and so on, and even with financial aid and scholarships, the endeavor can cost a lot. I wanted to offer my help in some way, so I created this award of two $1,000 scholarships to pay it forward.”

Applicants submitted essays addressing why they want to attend boarding school (reasons, desires, discoveries, etc.), and why this scholarship would be helpful in their boarding school journey.

“Applications came from as far as Egypt, Iran, and Canada, as well as from across the United States. I was pleased that so many students wanted to be considered for this scholarship, and it was difficult to choose from so many compelling candidates,” says Muchnick of his self-funded contest.

In the end, two incoming boarding school freshmen were selected: Bob Moore from Louisville, KY, who will be attending McCallie School in Chattanooga, TN, and Elise Hogan from Sicklerville, NJ, who will be attending St. Andrews School in Middletown, DE. Muchnick felt that these students’ essays were “honest, thoughtful, and authentic.”

Bob Moore wrote in his application, “After my friends found out I was headed to Chattanooga to attend McCallie for high school, I was constantly ambushed with a single question: ‘Why?’ My first few replies were odd, mangled sequences of phrases and sentences compiled about roommates, athletics, and a new diverse class selection, but as time passed, I was able to think about that question a little more. I eventually formulated some answers: camaraderie, the various opportunities each school has to offer, and the discipline of living on my own.”

After finishing The Boarding School Survival Guide, written by students for students, Moore said, “It was incredible! I thought it was a great idea to collect many brilliant students with such a wide spectrum of perspectives. It definitely helped in my boarding school decision.”

When describing the impact winning the scholarship would have on him, Moore wrote, “Winning this scholarship could easily help me to expand my community’s horizons to a plethora of new, fulfilling, and exciting educational opportunities. I also promised some administrators at a leadership camp at McCallie last summer that I would complete a neighborhood beautification project here in Louisville. This scholarship money would help me to make good on that promise, to bring McCallie to my neck of the woods in a way, without having to constantly beg my parents for a few more bucks.”

Hogan wrote in her submission: “When I went to shadow at St. Andrews, I felt in my gut that I was supposed to go there. I am lucky to find the perfect school for me; one that will challenge me academically as well as socially, and has a strong community aspect that I am looking for.”

In her essay, she also explained, “My parents have made huge sacrifices to keep my brother and me in private schools, so winning this scholarship will not only help them to pay for my education but will help me to feel like I am doing my part in making this experience possible.”

“I really enjoyed The Boarding School Survival Guide. It was interesting to read and it got me more excited to attend school in the fall. I found Chapter 11 (Dorm Living: Roommates, Laundry, Communal Bathrooms, and More) super funny and insightful,” says Hogan.

The Boarding School Survival Guide provides a variety of perspectives that help both prospective students and parents decide if boarding school is the right choice for them, and assists current students in navigating the twists and turns of school away from home. For more information on the book, visit

Congratulations to these two recipients of The Boarding School Survival Guide Scholarship, as well as to the many qualified applicants who offered submissions.

The award winner was determined at the sole discretion of the author, Justin Muchnick. Peterson’s Nelnet, LLC, along with its respective affiliates and trademark licenses, is not a sponsor of this scholarship award. Peterson’s is pleased to help promote Mr. Muchnick’s scholarships; however, neither Peterson’s nor any of its affiliated companies are sponsors of or are otherwise associated with this scholarship award.

About Justin Muchnick
Justin Muchnick is a senior at Phillips Academy Andover in Massachusetts and is the co-author of Straight-A Study Skills (Adams Media, January, 2013). He is currently the youngest journalist for The Bootleg (, Stanford University’s sports news website, where he publishes articles about college football. His academic interests include reading, writing, Latin, and modern American history and politics. He is also the captain of the Varsity Wrestling team at Andover. When he is not at boarding school, he lives in Newport Beach, CA with his parents and three younger siblings (Jacob, Ross, and Ally).

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