Justin Muchnick / The Bootleg /
January 3, 2014

Justin Muchnick, The Bootleg’s youngest contributor, was befuddled by Stanford’s playcalling during its 24-20 Rose Bowl loss to Michigan State. He believes that the Cardinal’s fatal issues were actually a recurring theme throughout the team’s three losses this season. Here’s his take on the problem and how the team should fix it.

In the car with my family on the way to the 100th Rose Bowl Game, I hoped for a day chock full of Cardinal happiness. Visions of Gaffney’s hard-fought rushing touchdowns, Montgomery’s big-play receptions, and Skov’s perfectly-timed blitzes danced through my mind. However, when I trudged back to the car hours later, I realized that the most positive aspect of the day had been the pre-game Alumni Tailgate.


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