Justin’s View of First Loss

by Justin Muchnick


9:31 AM

A slow move in day or a slow moving offense. Those were Saturday’s challenges

The start of the school year at Phillips Academy Andover has arrived, bringing with it an atmosphere of frantic preparation for the upcoming term. Students shuttled boxes, bookshelves, and clothes into their dorm room in a race against the clock to unpack before the first day of classes. Spirit leaders cheered enthusiastically as they welcomed hordes of bewildered new students to campus. Parents kissed their children goodbye, then joined the endless caravan of minivans driving off into the distance. And amidst the loud, sweaty frenzy that was the start of a new year at boarding school, I was simply sitting on the couch in my dorm’s common room, ready to watch Stanford start out the season against Northwestern.

As the 12 PM Eastern kickoff neared, I thought back to the preseason highlight video that the Stanford Football Facebook page had posted the night before. With the motivational highlight reel’s message of “go big” echoing in my mind, I settled in for the first quarter.

Stanford’s first drive of the 2015 season was a promising one, but coming away with only a field goal after the drive stalled inside the red zone renewed old concerns of whether Stanford football would once again be cursed with an inability to finish crucial drives. However, there wasn’t much for me to complain about after Stanford’s young defense forced a three-and-out, with Kevin Anderson coming up huge on 3rd and 5.


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