The Boarding School Survival Guide

Attending boarding school is a serious commitment in many realms, whether emotional, financial, academic, or otherwise. With that in mind, it is important to understand what boarding school is all about. This valuable resource is full of insights from students who attend or recently graduated from a boarding school. The Boarding School Survival Guide provides a variety of perspectives that help both prospective students and parents decide if boarding school is the right choice for them, and assists current students in navigating the twists and turns of school away from home.

Two lucky and worthy readers of The Boarding School Survival Guide have the opportunity to earn a $1000 scholarship each toward their boarding school tuition. Author, Justin Muchnick, is awarding two $1000 scholarships to current or future boarding school students. The award winner will be determined at the sole discretion of the author, Justin Muchnick.

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Scholarship Contest Submission Guidelines

Prompt: Please write an essay of about 500 words offering your thoughts on why you want to attend boarding school (your reasons, desires, discoveries, etc.). Also, please address why this scholarship will be helpful to you in your boarding school process and journey or why you feel that you are a worthwhile recipient. Feel free to share personal anecdotes, too.

Please email your submission with the subject heading “Scholarship” to Justin Muchnick at:

Deadline: June 30, 2015.  Winners will be announced and contacted during the summer of 2015 to receive your scholarship award. The scholarship will be paid directly to your boarding school (or future boarding school) to be earmarked to defray the cost of tuition. All submissions become the property of Justin Muchnick, and any portion of your submission may be published in the future in a book by Justin Muchnick or in any media outlet when announcing the prize winners.

Please include the following language with your submission and signature via scan or pdf in an email, or the below form will be sent to you via email upon receipt of your submission and will require your completion before your submission is reviewed:


The Boarding School Survival Guide Scholarship Consent Form:


I, (name) _______________________, consent to have my submission (possibly) published in media outlets or a future edition of this book or other publication if selected as a winner. I certify by my signature below that my submission is my own work and does not violate any copyright laws or other proprietary rights of third parties.




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Introduction Justin Muchnick, book author

Chapter 1

Why Boarding School: Reasons I Chose this Path and Why You Might, Too
Author: Justin Muchnick, Phillips Academy Andover

Chapter 2

Applying to Boarding School: Tips on Writing Essays, Acing Interviews, and More
Author: Alexandra Willcutt, Baylor School

Chapter 3

Financial Aid: Paying for Boarding School
Author: Deanna Havey, Phillips Exeter Academy

Chapter 4

Single-Sex Boarding School: Is It for You?
Author: Kelsey Burns, Miss Porter’s School

Chapter 5

Specialized Boarding Schools: My Experience Attending an Arts Boarding School
Author: Katie Watson, Interlochen Arts Academy

Chapter 6

Campus Visits: Walking in Their Shoes
Author: Sophia Clarke, Pomfret School

Chapter 7

Revisit Days: Finding the Right Fit
Author: Bennett Sherr, Phillips Academy Andover

Chapter 8

The Packing List: What to Bring to Boarding School
Author: Alicia Shultz, Hebron Academy

Chapter 9

Leaving Home: Saying Goodbye to Friends and Family
Author: Sloane Wilten, The Hill School

Chapter 10

Orientation: The Basics—Getting Acclimated
Author: Olivia Paige, The Taft School

Chapter 11

Dorm Living: Roommates, Laundry, Communal Bathrooms, and Creating Your Home Away from Home
Author: Emilee Bae, The Hotchkiss School

Chapter 12

Adults Are Important: Building Teacher Relationships, Finding a Mentor, and Bonding with Your House Counselor
Author: Lilian Costello, Maine School of Science and Mathematics

Chapter 13

Homework and Time Management: How Not to Pull So Many All-Nighters
Author: Sarah Cho, Kent School

Chapter 14

Papers and Essays: Write ‘Em Right!
Author: Rena Patel, The Webb Schools

Chapter 15

Tests and Final Exams: A Necessary (and Unfortunate) Part of Life
Author: Yada Pruksachatkun, THINK Global School

Chapter 16

Breaking a Sweat: Boarding School Athletics
Author: Amanda Reisman, Choate Rosemary Hall

Chapter 17

Extracurricular Activities and Community Service: Enrichment Outside of the Classroom
Author: Coby Zur, The Lawrenceville School

Chapter 18

Money Management: Handling Finances in Boarding School
Author: Andrew Granato, Middlesex School

Chapter 19

Nutrition: Healthy Meals, Dining Hall Choices, and Snacks
Author: Zoha Qamar, Phillips Exeter Academy

Chapter 20

Social Life: Making Friends, Dating, and Campus Events
Author: Sarah Rudkin, Fay School, The Taft School, Tilton School

Chapter 21

The Heavy Stuff: Drugs, Alcohol, Hazing, Cheating, and Campus Safety
Anonymous Author

Chapter 22

Day Students: Finding Your Place in the Boarding School Community
Author: Ellen Sukharevsky, Milton Academy

Chapter 23

International Students: Transitioning to a New Country and Culture
Author: Shihao Hu, South Kent School

Chapter 24

Starting “Off Sequence”: Entering Boarding School after Freshman Year
Author: Evan Lee, The Lawrenceville School

Chapter 25

Summer Programs, Internships, and Employment: Making Good Use of Your Down Time
Author: Wendy Huang, St. Paul’s School

Chapter 26

Standardized Testing: A (Somewhat Burdensome) Rite of Passage
Author: by Casey Mulchay, The Thacher School

Chapter 27

Applying to Colleges: Taking the Next Step
Author: Vanessa Lizárraga, Cate School

Concluding Remarks: Justin Muchnick

Appendix: Resources

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Endorsements and Reviews of The Boarding School Survival Guide

“What a great way to introduce oneself to the world of boarding schools!  Learn from the experiences of two wonderful Andover students, Justin Muchnick and Bennett Sherr, and their counterparts at other leading schools.  This book belongs on the nightstand of any prospective boarding school student and her or his parent.” John Palfrey

Head of School, Phillips Academy, Andover

“No one in the boarding school admission office chooses a photo highlighting a student frowning on rainy, cloud day as its cover shot for their viewbook. Quite the contrary, bright fall colors, robust smiles and everyone engaged is the photo sought and selected. Young Mr. Justin Muchnick has cut through the veneer so any student, parent, prospective employee, ANYONE considering life at a boarding school would be well served to peruse this manual and embrace its heartfelt message. What makes it most compelling to me, a 20-plus year veteran of the boarding school admission arena, is the fact Muchnick doesn’t rely solely on his alma mater, as distinguished as in may be, but he has drawn from a cast of contributors representing a myriad of institutions: public, private, big, small, country, city etc. Quite simply, he practices what he preaches, and therefore The Boarding School Survival Guide is now a must read to all my prospective students because it does rain, clouds do materialize and, yes, frowns are seen on occasion around campus (especially around finals week during Leftover Sunday Dinner!)”

Alan D. Whittemore

Dean of Admission, Maine School of Science & Mathematics

“After working through the boarding school admission process, Phillips Academy sophomore Justin Muchnick thought students like him – students unfamiliar with boarding school who want to go to one- needed a new resource. Muchnick’s not an expert. So, he turned to students and their experiences. For The Boarding School Survival Guide, he gathered experiences from current and recent boarding school graduates. Their stories are organized around themed chapters.”

Great Live Chat on with Justin!

He did a great great job of creating a reference for prospective students. He also currently has a live question and answer session on the site, a site covering boarding school news worldwide! Worth checking out if you are a prospective students to read more about boarding schools, find the right school for you, and importantly…Converse with Justin directly!

A Reader

A Must Read!

Boarding School is the right place for the student who wants to be stimulated and challenged, and who is ready for this kind of specialty education well before college age. This guide explains the why, where and how in a relatable, readable and well organized text. I encourage all prospective students and their families to read this book!

Nancy Kimble

“Any decent boarding school creates its own subculture.  It has its own set of conventions, traditions, rules, expectations, and celebrations. Stepping into this world is a bit like culture shock, and can overwhelm a new student.  By studying these vignettes of boarding school life, any prospective student will get a sense for what’s to come.  They can make an informed decision about whether this world is right for them, and how best to adjust once they enter it.  Boarding school is an all-consuming, immensely rewarding experience.  This book will prepare you to enter that world.”

Brett Potash

Dean, The Webb School of California

“In The Boarding School Survival Guide, Justin Muchnick has assembled contributions from more than 20 boarding school students. They’re smart, diverse, witty, and helpful-just like the students I meet on my travels to boarding school campuses. The chapters cover a wide range of considerations: from the school search, application, and selection process, to life in the classroom, the dining hall, and the dorm. Whether the topic is writing papers or doing your own laundry, the student authors take time to explain and reassure, caution and encourage. Throughout, they speak with genuineness-and with genuine enthusiasm for a little-understood but amazing learning opportunity. If you’re planning to attend boarding school, considering it, or simply curious, read this book.”

Peter Upham

Executive Director, The Association of Boarding Schools

“After an exhaustive process of selecting and editing the most relevant essays, the final result is a virtual boarding school bible, offering advice on every topic from money-management, to test taking, to laundry, and even how to deal with hazing. . . . with two books under his belt at only 16 years old, this kid is definitely going places.” Edie Crabtree

Under Cover, The Newport Beach Indepedent

Boarding School Survival Guide

A comprehensive and valuable guide. Every aspect of boarding school life is covered — from deciding whether boarding school is right for you to succeeding once you get there. Especially useful is that all chapters are written by current or recent boarding school students (in other words, they know what they are talking about and have no agenda other than providing practical information); the student-writers hail from across the country and chapters are digestible and clear. This is definitely a highly recommended resource.


Boarding School Survival Guide


Amazing!! Recommend this book to anyone about to go to boarding school! I highly recommend this book to anyone about to go to boarding school! The chapters are thoughtful, funny, and raw. You will never be bored while reading this book. After reading this I felt a lot more prepared to attend boarding school in the fall. This book was extremely helpful to me and it made getting ready for school so much easier.

Anonymous Amazon Reader

“Attending boarding school is a big decision, and it is an exciting time. The transition period to a boarding school is a different experience for each student and parent. Careful planning can make the transition smoother. Justin’s book is a very comprehensive overview of the myriad aspects of boarding school that people simply do not think about. The Boarding School Survival Guide covers it all-A to Z. It is a must read for any family preparing for boarding school.”

Joe Hemmings

Assistant Head of School for Enrollment, Hebron Academy

“Accepted to boarding school? Now read this.”

So Informative and helpful-a must read!

We are just beginning our search and information-gathering on private/independent high schools and considering the boarding school route for our daughter. There are very few resources out there that explain the process and all of the decisions involved in navigating the boarding school decision. Justin Ross Muchnick’s book successfully compiles critical viewpoints and valuable lessons from kids who are attending every type of boarding school. This book will be our go-to resource as we continue on this journey and I’m so thankful that it was released just in time for our family. Very well-written, easy to follow, and chock-full of information–a total home run! Thank you to Justin and all of the contributing authors, well done!

Melinda McGill Garman

Fantastic Read

This is a wonderful book for any child considering boarding school or presently attending one. The material is well presented and is a must read! Great book!


A Definite Must-Read

What immediately struck me upon reading The Boarding School Survival Guide is how powerful this book is not only for students already enrolled in boarding school, but also for those who are making the decision about whether or not to go. The practical tips Justin provides from the perspective of someone who is actually attending boarding school are invaluable. I also enjoyed hearing from other boarding school veterans who have been-there/done-that. I highly recommend this book for parents of boarding school students as well.


News and Media for The Boarding School Survival Guide

Thorndike internship encourages historical research — Justin Muchnick ’16 looks into wrestling’s beginnings at Andover

Wrestling has been a huge part of Justin Muchnick ’16’s life at PA. The senior from Newport Beach, Calif., is a four-year starter and two-time captain for Big Blue, so his interest was piqued one day last year when he asked his coach about the early history of wrestling at Andover.

“We on the team know a lot about the program’s recent history, but the early days of PA wrestling were shrouded in some mystery,” said Muchnick, who was chosen as the 2015-16 Thorndike Intern. Combining his love of wrestling and his Thorndike Internship led Muchnick to discover famed grappler and heavyweight captain Howard Malcolm Baldridge, Class of 1914, the subject of his Thorndike paper.

read more

12 Solutions to Common Boarding School Problems

by Justin Muchnick
Most problems in boarding school can be solved pretty easily. Chances are you are not the only one who has encountered one, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from an adult or older student on campus. And follow these helpful suggestions if all else fails.

Super tired? Not enough sleep? Try power-napping for 30 minutes (just enough time to get some REM sleep so you will feel refreshed) when you can. Or, sleep in (obviously) on the weekends ,and take a nap to make up for lost zzzzzs.
Stain on your clothing? Spilled something in the dining hall? Keep stain wipes or laundry pre-spray in your dorm room to treat the stain before it sets in. Then, once it is washed, it usually comes out!
Stomach ache? Keep a small “first aid” kit with saltine crackers, a few cans or small bottles of ginger ale, and antacid tablets to treat yourself before having to head to the health center.

read more

Andover student awards scholarship to new McCallie boarding student

Incoming freshman Bob Moore from Louisville earns $1,000 from author of The Boarding School Survival Guide.

Bob Moore is still a couple of weeks away from beginning his McCallie School experience, but the incoming freshman from Louisville, Ky., is already earning scholarship money for himself and recognition for his new school.

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Former Harbor Day Student Announces Boarding School Scholarship Winners

Two future boarding school freshman from the South will receive $1,000 scholarships courtesy of a Harbor Day School graduate and author of “The Boarding School Survival Guide,” according to a news release.

Justin Muchnick announced the scholarship in June and said he received applications from as far away as Egypt, Iran, Canada and throughout the United States.

read more

Harbor Day Alum Offering 2-$1000 Scholarships

If you’re heading to boarding school this fall, there are two $1,000 scholarships available to help cover tuition costs, courtesy of a Harbor Day School graduate, author and Phillips Academy Andover student.

read more

Peterson’s Author Offers Boarding School Scholarships

PR Web March 06, 2015 Third-year Phillips Academy Andover high school student and author of “The Boarding School Survival Guide” (Peterson’s 2014) Justin Muchnick is seeking submissions to award two $1,000 scholarships that are available to current or future boarding school students.   Read the Full Press... read more

AdmissionsQuest’s “Top 10 Boarding School Blog Posts of 2014”

This is quite an honor for The Boarding School Survival Guide. Justin Muchnick’s interview is #5 of the top 10! From We poured over the numbers to rank our top content over the course of 2014 — from videos to blog posts. Here’s the countdown. AdmissionsQuest’s “Top 10 Boarding School Blog Posts of 2014:”   Read the... read more

The Boarding School Survival Guide, Andover Magazine, Fall 2014 issue

The Boarding School Survival Guide by Justin Ross Muchnick ’16 Peterson’s “Rich in anecdote, firsthand perspective, and practical details, this book will ease the way for any student considering (or enrolled in) boarding school. Author Muchnick, a current PA upper, has tapped peers from numerous schools to contribute chapters on topics ranging from admissions to roommates to food to finals. The breadth of the contributors’ experiences creates an accurate, useful guide to surviving and thriving at a residential school.” Scroll to page 55 for actual... read more

Boarding School Advice For New Students

Justin Muchnick / October 14, 2014 Build relationships with teachers. They are there to not just teach but also support you on your boarding school journey. At boarding school teachers are also your house counselors, advisors, coaches, and extracurricular adult leaders. Spend time getting to know them outside of the classroom. It’s not hard at all to build relationships with these supportive adults. Eat well. The dining hall’s waffle makers, ice cream machines, and great desserts can be tempting. Since your mom is not there to tell you to eat your vegetables, it’s your responsibility to maintain a balanced diet with protein, fruits, veggies and other healthy choices.   Read the Full... read more

Is boarding school right for you?

Suzanne Shaffer / Sept. 20, 2014 Justin Muchnick, the author of The Boarding School Survival Guide, encourages teens to consider boarding school during high school. Justin has experienced boarding school first hand and recognizes the value of a boarding school education. In a recent interview for TeenLife, Justin explains why he is an avid supporter of a boarding school education. 1. Why did you consider a boarding school? I was introduced to the idea of boarding school by my 7th grade English teacher, Mr. Rogers. (I talk about him in greater detail in my book’s introduction.) He promoted classroom discussion instead of lecturing at the front of the class. He had the students direct the flow of the class while he moderated. As a former writer-in-residence at Phillips Exeter Academy, he made me want to look into boarding schools.   Read the Full... read more

Boarding School Bound Interview with Justin Muchnick, author of The Boarding School Survival Guide

Taming The High Cost of College September 15, 2014 We’re taking the college planning process and backing it up about four years in today’s podcast as we talk with young author and student at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. It’s a boarding school – one of about 300 across the country – that Justin Muchnick sought out as a grade school student.   Read the Full Article /... read more

10 Things to Know About Boarding School

Justin Muchnick / Ten to Twenty Parenting September 2, 2014 Top Ten Tips You Should Know Before Your Teen Leaves For Boarding School Justin Muchnick, two-time author and a third year student at Phillips Academy Andover, shares with Ten to Twenty readers his tips for parents whose teens are leaving for boarding school. (Many of his ideas apply to families getting ready to leave for college, too!) At Andover, Justin volunteers as a campus tour guide and receives an abundance of inquiries from parents and teens alike, so he tried to distill many of his responses to frequently asked questions below. He hopes that these tips as well as the contents of his new book The Boarding School Survival Guide will help many teens and parents navigate this transition into a whole new world. So here are some words of advice from a teen to parents of teens.   Read the Full... read more

Newport Teen Publishes Second Book

By Gail Martin / Kosher Orange County August 4, 2014 When Justin Muchnick was in the seventh-grade, he had a teacher who had gone to Exeter, a boarding school on the east coast. Muchnick decided that he wanted to “go to a place where it was cool to be smart, where I could get immersive learning, where I could have intellectual discussions around the dinner table,” he said. His parents initially resisted the idea of his going to boarding school, but eventually realized it was “the right path for me to pursue academically,” he said.   Read the Full... read more

The Boarding School Survival Guide: A Resource Written by students for students – An interview with Justin Muchnick “As an international student, you might be unfamiliar with boarding schools in the US. What’s the admission process? What to bring to a boarding school? How to manage your life independently? To untangle the puzzle, Justin Muchnick came up with just the right resource you need. The Phillips Academy sophomore reflected on his own experience and turned to his friends/ classmates for theirs, and authored The Boarding School Survival Guide — “it is the only book of its kind written by students for students”, as Justin put it. is honored to interview this talented boarding school student and get ahold of some of his insights.”   Read the Full Interview... read more

Muchnick Makes the Cut as A Writer – Former Harbor Day School student, a wrestler and captain of his team, pens second book.

By David Carrillo Penaloza / Daily Pilot July 19, 2014 At 16, you can say Justin Muchnick is an accomplished writer and wrestler. Muchnick, a former Harbor Day School student, has two books published and he’s one of the top wrestlers at his high school. He has a new book out titled “The Boarding School Survival Guide” and he has new title on his wrestling team. Muchnick is a straight-A student at Phillips Academy Andover school in Massachusetts, and for the first time he got a C. He’s awfully proud of this C. The C is for captain of his wrestling team.   Read the Full... read more

Accepted to Boarding School? Now Read This

Corona Del Mar Today June 5, 2014 “A former Corona del Mar student has written a new book about boarding school, sharing tips and advice from what he’s learned in two years at the Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass. I didn’t know anything about the world of boarding school until a teacher at my grade school, Harbor Day School, introduced me to the idea,” Justin Muchnick said. “I did a lot of research on my own, and eventually convinced my parents that boarding school, where it’s ‘cool to be smart,’ was the right choice for me.”   Read the Full... read more

Author Interview: Local Teen Discusses Boarding School Book

By Sara Hall / Newport Beach Independent June 2, 2014 A local teen has some survival tips for students interested attending boarding school. Justin Muchnick, 16, a Harbor Day School graduate and current sophomore at Phillips Academy Andover boarding school in Boston, wrote “The Boarding School Survival Guide” to give students and parents a helping hand navigating the world of boarding school. Last year, Muchnick co-authored “Straight-A Study Skills” with his mother, Cindy, a Stanford University graduate and former college admission counselor and educational consultant. The Newport Beach native draws on his personal experience for the book, which is written in a “fun, easy-to-read manner.”   Read the Full... read more

Under Cover: Young Newporter Pens “Boarding School Survival Guide”

By Edie Crabtree / Newport Beach Independent May 30, 2014 All month long, you have been hearing me sing the praises of family reading. So, by now, we can probably just accept as gospel truth the notion that, to re-tool an old adage, the family that reads together, stays together. Have you ever considered, however, what else might come to the family that reads together? Well, if becoming a better reader leads to becoming a better writer, it would seem to follow then, that the family that reads together might also be the family that writes and publishes books together.   Read the Full... read more

Andover Student Publishes Book on Boarding School Experience

C.C. / Andover May 27, 2014 Exciting news. California teen and current Phillips Academy Andover student Justin Muchnick’s second book, The Boarding School Survival Guide, comes out on June 10, 2014. And he just turned 16 years old! (He conceived of the book idea at age 14, found a respected educational publisher, Peterson’s, researched, solicited submissions, edited, and wrote the project at 15, and now it will be in store and on line. His first book was Straight-A Study Skills). Bennett Sherr, Andover freshman, also has a chapter published in the book.   Read the Full... read more

The Boarding School Survival Guide: A Conversation With Justin Muchnick

Brian Fisher / May 23, 2014 Editors note: After working through the boarding school admission process, Phillips Academy sophomore Justin Muchnick thought students like him — students unfamiliar with boarding school who want to go to one- needed a new resource. Muchnick’s not an expert. So, he turned to students and their experiences. For The Boarding School Survival Guide, he gathered experiences from current and recent boarding school graduates. Their stories are organized around themed chapters.   Read the Full... read more

Peterson’s Newest Author Justin Muchnick Helps Students Survive Boarding School: Unique tell-all is written for students, by students December 12, 2013 Attending boarding school is a serious commitment, so it’s important for students to understand the emotional, financial, and academic challenges that come with it. Peterson’s newest and youngest author, Justin Muchnick, explains everything students need to consider in The Boarding School Survival Guide. What makes The Boarding School Survival Guide unique is that its author, Muchnick, is a boarding school student currently in his second year at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. When Muchnick was in 7th grade, he decided he wanted to go to boarding school but didn’t know where to start because it was hard to find first-hand stories from students.   Read the Full Press... read more

Muchnick Compiles Stories Into “Boarding School Survival Guide”

by Sam Cohen / The Phillipian September 20, 2013 Without ever having set foot on campus, Christy Lam ’17 decided to journey from her hometown of Hong Kong to the snowy winters of Andover, Massachusetts. The Andover website became one of her most frequently-checked pages, and Lam turned to books—“Looking for Lost” by John Green and “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger—for guidance. Although the books and website provided reassuring insight, looking back, Lam said she would have wanted something more specific, a book written for a boarding school audience to answer all the little questions, offer honest advice and share experiences. Next year’s incoming class of new boarding school students will have a resource to turn to thanks to Justin Muchnick ’16, whose book titled “The Boarding School Survival Guide” will be published in June.   Read the Full... read more

Teen Pens Book on Boarding School

By Ryah Cooley / Orange County Register July 10, 2013 Reprinted By SSATB / March 24, 2014 “Justin Muchnick is spending most of his summer writing and editing a book; it’s his second book and he’s only 15 years old. No, it’s not a science fiction thriller or a murder mystery. It’s a primer on choosing and navigating boarding school. When he was in the seventh-grade, Muchnick wanted to go to boarding school, but he didn’t know where to start because there was so little information. That’s where his new book comes in.”   Read the Full Article at OC Register    Read the Full Article at SSATB  ... read more

Student Author Seeks Contributors for Boarding School Book

Nisha Guitierrez-Jaime / Newport Beach-Corona Del Mar June 26, 2013 Most students spend their summer relaxing, but a 15-year-old from Newport Beach is busy writing a book about his experiences at boarding school and compiling advice from other students. Justin Muchnick, who recently completed his freshman year at Phillips Academy Andover in Massachusetts, is in the beginning stages of writing his most recent book, The Boarding School Survival Guide. Muchnick said he noticed there wasn’t much information available about the selection and application process for boarding schools when he started researching schools.   Read the Full... read more

Contributors To The Boarding School Survival Guide

The links and articles below celebrate many of the contributors to The Boarding School Survival Guide. Congratulations and thank you to my co-authors whose great work is a part of this book and has been recognized by their school communities.

Shihao Hu

Shihao Hu '14 Published in Boarding School Survival Guide

“My favorite part was when I heard from Justin that my part was selected and would be published,” Hu said. “I knew there was plenty of competition, including students from Phillips Academy Andover, The Taft School, The Hotchkiss School, Kent School and other students from South Kent. I appreciate South Kent for providing me with this opportunity.”


Read the Full Article

Yada P.

TGS Graduate Yada P. Published in The Boarding School Survival Guide

Yada’s chapter, entitled “Final Exams: A Necessary (and Unfortunate) Part of Life,” provides useful tips on preparing for the end-of-year exams that can prove unnerving for many. In the chapter, Yada breaks down her best practices, including sleep schedule, use of technology, the importance of downtime, and much more.


Read the Full Article


Lawrentians Share Expertise in Boarding School Guide

Who is your best resource for the inside scoop on boarding school life? Boarding school students, of course! Lawrentians Evan Lee ’15 and Coby Zur ’16 have contributed their expertise to “The Boarding School Survival Guide


Read the Full Article

Vanessa Lizárraga

The Inside Scoop on Boarding School

When a Phillips Andover Academy student approached Vanessa Lizárraga ’12 last year to ask if she’d write about the college application process for a boarding school guide he was putting together, she never imagined she’d see her words in print. But her name—and all that she ended up writing—is now included in a book titled The Boarding School Survival Guide, which hit shelves just last month.


Read the Full Article

Thatcher Student Casey Mulchay

Casey Mulchay CdeP 2013 was a contributor to the recently published Boarding School Survival Guide, a book written for students by students.  Casey wrote “Standardized Testing: A Somewhat Burdensome) Rite of Passage,” one of 27 chapters in this unique guide that’s designed to help students navigate life at boarding school by offering essential advice on campus visits, roommates, dorm life, social life, coping with homesickness, finding a mentor, and much more.

Congratulations to new alumna Emilee Bae

A fun and useful new book written by students for students, The Boarding School Survival Guide is the brainchild of Phillips Andover student Muchnick, who wisely believes prospective boarders will benefit from the insights offered by current boarding school students and graduates. Emilee Bae, a member of the Hotchkiss Class of 2014, contributed lively chapter 11, “Dorm Living: Roommates, Laundry, Communal Bathrooms, and More.”

Olivia Paige

One for the Books

Like many people her age, Olivia Paige ’15 gets a lot of information from social media. It isn’t often, though, that a Facebook post can create extraordinary opportunity.

A few years ago Justin Muchnick was applying to boarding schools. He had questions–many questions–and had trouble finding answers that felt genuine.


Read the Full Article

Alicia Schultz contributed a piece to the Boarding School Survival Guide.

Alicia Schultz ’12 authored a chapter for “The Boarding School Survival Guide”. Written by current and former boarding school students, sharing their experiences on everything from the application process to what to pack — which is what Alicia wrote about in Chapter 8 — it’s fast becoming a must have guide for anyone considering the boarding school life.  Nicely done, Alicia!

Read the Full Article

Sophia Clarke

Rising Senior Published in School Search Book

When Sophia Clarke ’15 reminisces about arriving on the campus of yet another boarding school for yet another tour and admissions interview, she describes it thus: “Up to this point, all you may have seen of the school are impressive pictures of diverse students studying together on luscious green grass or eating with faculty members under flags of many nations. Now the big day has finally come when you are going to walk on that same grass and feel a little bit like the students in the glossy viewbooks . . . A campus visit,” she adds, “is when the school stops being just images on a web page and comes alive.”


Read the Full Article

Miss Porter’s alumna Kelsey Burns

Miss Porter’s alumna Kelsey Burns

Congratulations to Miss Porter’s alumna Kelsey Burns whose chapter “Single-Sex Boarding School: Is it for You” was excepted in the features section of Miss Porter’s School Bulletin. (see page 10-11)


Read the Full Article (page 10-11)

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